||Jesus Christ was known for beautiful parables. Under His inspiration, I intend to use this new parable to illustrate a great danger prevalent in Christendom and the world today.||

A MAN WAS TROUBLED ABOUT LIFE. Though he had everything that life could offer to make him happy and everything that men would seek to obtain happiness, he remained troubled about the essence of life. Thus, he embarked upon a journey in search of happiness, promising to return if he did not obtain his soul’s desire.

Then, he arrived at a place where he heard about a very wealthy ruler who had money to buy anything that money could buy, but had just lost his only son to a mob. Despite the indiscriminate killing of his son and though he had the power to put the offenders to immediate death, being the ruler of that place, he nevertheless was merciful to them and only demanded that those people, their families, their friends, and every other person, work on an enormous farmland that he had bought. Though, he could have purchased labourers at any cost or wielded his power to obtain labourers by force, yet, he needed faithful and loving workers, who would of their own choice, work on his farmland and bring in the harvest thereof. Then he would pay them for their work and they would share the proceeds of the harvest thereafter.

The inhabitants of the area had thought him to be a selfish, malicious, and overbearing ruler, for they believed that he was reluctant to purchase labourers to work on his farmland because he did not want to do away with his wealth. Some also believed that he was determined to use them on his farmland and dump them or underpay them afterward. Thus, they rebelled and the ruler, determined to make his greatest appeal to them, sent his only beloved son, to live amongst them and to labour on their little farmlands. But on seeing his son, the people thought, “here is the son, the heir to the throne, let us kill him.” When his son told them that anyone who believed and accepted his father’s request would be adopted as his father’s son and would be paid his wages duly, they murdered him shortly afterward.

The wanderer became exceedingly troubled. The story moved him to tears and he accepted to work on the ruler’s farmland. There were some of those who were involved in the mob who also, stirred by the ruler’s mercy and the decision of the stranger amongst them, agreed to work on his farmland. Thus, they were adopted as the ruler’s sons and proceeded to work on his farmland.

Soon, there was a great famine in the land which extended to distant lands, affecting the wanderer’s homeland. Every farmland, except the ruler’s farmland, was affected by the severe famine because the owners of the other farmlands had been fraudulent and they had denied their workers their proper wages. The little food that had been preserved by some selfish persons was sold at ridiculous prices and people, in desperate need of money to purchase them, sold their possessions.

In the wanderer’s hometown, such was the case too and soon, mobs descended upon his properties and traded them for food. When he heard of this, his heart leaped for joy for in the ruler’s place he had found his soul’s desire.

Soon, in great desperation, large mobs from different lands prepared to descend upon the ruler’s farmland too, but they slipped time and again and fell into a great river near the ruler’s farmland and drowned, never to be seen again.

||The purpose of this parable is to show that the true essence of life is only found in Jesus and everlasting peace is only found in His Father’s custody. The representations found in this parable will be defined in an upcoming post.||

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