||Jesus Christ was known for beautiful parables. Under His inspiration, I intend to use this new parable to illustrate a great danger prevalent in Christendom and the world today.||

A MAN FELL CRITICALLY ILL AND DECIDED TO CALL UPON HIS TWO BOSOM FRIENDS who on their arrival, advised him to take some medicine. The medicine was earmarked and one of them hurried to a pharmacy while the other stayed back to look after their sick friend. On getting to the pharmacy, he quickly purchased the medicine and listened impatiently to the pharmacist as she explained the preparation and prescription of the medicine.

Soon, he came back with the medicine and began in haste to prepare it. But while he did, his friend who had stayed back began to doubt if the medicine was being rightly prepared. Unsatisfied, he began to correct his friend and to supply fresh instructions, saying he had once used the medicine when he was ill. But his friend disagreed, saying, he had also used the medicine before and besides, his uncle was a doctor and his aunt was a pharmacist, and thus he had adequate knowledge of how the medicine was to be prepared.

When the dispute over the medicine’s preparation intensified, their sick friend impatiently demanded to know what instructions were given by the pharmacist. His friend thought for a while and muffled some lies because he had forgotten the instructions given by the pharmacist and he did not want to lose the argument.

Their sick friend sighed, appalled by their ridiculous dispute when his life was at stake. He brought out the medicine’s prescription from the medicine pack and began to read. He had hardly read a word, when his friends began to discourage him from following what was in the prescription strictly. The prescription, they said, is not always accurate and they had to use their own discretion. Their experience, they said, with the medicine is a better alternative than the medicine’s prescription.

They snatched the prescription from him, saying they loved him too much to watch him die by taking an overdose, and he let them take it, convincing himself that since they had taken the medicine, they should indeed have a better understanding of its prescription and preparation.

But rather than come to a resolution, his two friends continued to dispute over who had a better experience with the medicine and as a result, had a greater understanding of its preparation and prescription. Divided among the opinion of his two bosom friends, and night having arrived, he decided to wait till the pharmacist returned the following day. Thus, his friends left for their homes, promising to come back early the next day.

But the following day before daybreak while his friends and the pharmacist had not yet arrived, he began to shake viciously. Thus, he hurriedly prepared the medicine and took it without following the instructions given in the medicine’s prescription. Though he would readily read it now, he had no time to. So, he took an overdose of the medicine and died shortly afterwards.

||The purpose of this parable is to show the significance of studying the Bible personally and the critical implications of neglect in this regard. The representations found in this parable will be defined in an upcoming post.||

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