||Jesus Christ was known for beautiful parables. Under His inspiration, I intend to use this new parable to illustrate a great danger prevalent in Christendom and the world today.||

A FATHER, WHILE GOING ON A TRIP TO A FARAWAY LAND, called his two sons and gave them two letters each, promising them that he would come back soon. His devastated sons asked him what the letters were meant for and he told them that they contained the signs of his coming. The first letter, he said, was written in clear and understandable language, because it contained those signs of his coming that would be obvious. The second letter, he said, was written in symbolic language, because it contained those signs of his coming that would be concealed. In order to understand the second letter, he instructed his sons to seek the meanings of the symbols diligently with constant prayers.

The years rolled on and while their father tarried, the signs in the first letter began to bear out. Remembering the words of their father, they began to pray earnestly, for they desired to understand the meanings of the symbols in the second letter. Night and day they prayed, for the symbols were scary, and they were gripped by the fear of the unknown. Desiring to wait no further, one of the sons went ahead to seek assistance from knowledgeable sources. “They are not symbols but actual events,” some sources said. “These events are not going to occur until after your father has returned,” other sources said.

But the other son kept on seeking and praying until he received help from a messenger his father sent to him. So, while the other son continued to dabble in confusion, the eyes of the obedient son became opened.

||The purpose of this parable is to show the critical importance of prayerful Bible study and loyalty to God’s clear instructions on seeking Him with all our heart. The representations found in this parable will be defined in an upcoming post.||

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