||Jesus Christ was known for beautiful parables. Under His inspiration, I intend to use this new parable to illustrate a great danger prevalent in Christendom and the world today.||

A DILIGENT MAN WHO HAD SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE TENDING HIS FARMSTEAD ALONGSIDE his three servants, called them to his side as he laid on his sickbed, waiting for his final breath. He thanked them for their years of faithful service to him and reminded them of his unending love for them. He also informed them he was soon going to leave them because One that loved them more than he did was calling him to rest. He likewise reminded them of how he had unwaveringly instructed them in the way of God whose ultimate desire is that the objects of His love remain faithful to Him irrespective of circumstances. He then proceeded to share his farmstead amongst his three servants and died soon afterward.

Few years after his death, his three servants began to find the means to increase their share of the farmstead. Each one had been accorded ten acres of farmstead consisting of a rice plantation, flocks of sheep, and valuable residences. Each one had also been accorded a manual from their master, detailing how he had successfully maintained the farmstead and had made bountiful harvest for the years that he had worked without them and after which they had come to work with him.

In a bid to increase his inheritance by every means possible, and considering his master’s manual as too overbearing and restrictive, one of the servants purchased another manual that contained proven methods that will multiply his harvest and increase the fertility of his sheep exceedingly. Soon, the new method began to bear fruits such that his rice plantation blossomed unusually while his sheep fattened and became very desirable to the eyes. As a result of this, the other two servants, weary of looking for suitable alternatives to their master’s manual, soon began to plead for his advice and service.

Having ensured that they paid for his advice, the unfaithful servant offered them copies of his new manual on grounds that they will offer him a quarter of their rice harvest and a quarter of their lambs. Alarmed by the demands, one of the faltering servants realised the selfishness and dishonesty of his counterpart which was in stark contrast to the purity and honesty of their master. Thus, he refused to go any further in seeking the advice or service of his unfaithful counterpart. He left the meeting disheartened and began to use his master’s manual with patience and consistency, praying to the Lord of the harvest to grant him a bountiful harvest.

But the other servant insisted on using the new methods of his unfaithful counterpart though the methods were not in line with their master’s methods and those in their master’s manual. Soon, he began to reap the same results as his unfaithful counterpart, and together, they mocked the one who had remained faithful, calling him a zealot who wanted to work his way to a bountiful harvest.

As the time for the harvest drew near, horrific pests were attracted to the rice plantation of the unfaithful servants because of the strange constituents of the fertilizers they were using. Their flocks of sheep also became over-fattened and they all became ill and died from cancer-related diseases. Not one rice plant or sheep was spared and when a few days later, a storm swept across the farmstead, the residences of the unfaithful servants came crumbling over them.

But the farmstead of the faithful servant blossomed in harvest and out of harvest and his residence was shielded from the storm.

||The purpose of this parable is to show the importance of staunch faithfulness to God’s word and methods irrespective of trials and circumstances. The representations found in this parable will be defined in an upcoming post.||

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