Do you know that 500 years ago today was the beginning of the Protestant movement started by the German Reformer, Martin Luther against the errors and excesses of Rome and Popery? Today, though hidden from plain sight, a joint declaration of an official end to Protestantism in all its forms will be signed between the Papal power and leaders of Protestant churches to mark the 500th year anniversary of Luther’s protest. This they have called the end of Protestantism and of course, the end of liberty of consicience. No one can safely point fingers at Rome again or expose the Papal power’s perversion of the Scriptures and bid towards unity of faith based on tradition and falsehood rather than based on the Bible.

End time prophecies are fast fulfilling; how many have you taken time to understand? Another era of spiritual darkness is truly upon us; another dark ages, if you please. This is because with this document signed, persecution of those who exalt the Bible above the human traditions will follow. But God will prevail!

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God bless you.

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