• To live for eternity we must engage in work that reminds us of eternity and does not attach our affections to this temporal earth.

• This work that reminds us of eternity in any form entails self-denial, self-abasement, pain or even humiliation. In this, we must compare our mortal lives and what we sacrifice daily with what the eternal God had to sacrifice to create us, redeem us, and to be mindful of us.

• This work of self-denial, self-abasement, pain or even humiliation springs from a desire to see things in a certain way or to improve situations. These two mechanisms are inseparable or symbiotic. In this, we must be satisfied with little as we are with much. We should also make things work or learn how to make things work. We must be willing to do anything and everything as Jesus Christ did for us. We must give our maximum.

• Nature, the universe, and everything around us was designed to generate this kind of response from us, if we look closely. In this, nature is designed for our eternal salvation. Our attention would be taken away from ourselves as we are involved in self-denying service throughout eternity. This is because this is the law of the universe. The destiny of the universe is dependent on this mindset and lifestyle. The universe is eternal; so this is an eternal service—those who are in the service of the eternal God cannot be anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow never ends, but be still. Remember the plane needs to be still through all peaceful times and turbulence as long as it travels and travel it must every moment until it arrives at its destination; this is the same for those who are living for eternity. Be ready for blessings and blessings in disguise; without the sky, the plane cannot fly, yet there are clouds in the sky. Be ready to take whatever good, bad, funny, people have to offer because these temporal things should not get in the way of the eternal things, but make you look more to them. Embrace duty, disappointments, trials, tribulations with every necessary or possible caution and preparation; laugh, smile, work, cry, play, rest, sleep, fall, rise, fail, succeed, eat, fast, enjoy, suffer, rejoice—everything in the right proportion as God’s providence permits or require for His glory to be seen; you should live freely; it is your Father’s world—enjoy every moment and give your maximum or you are losing the point and the blessing of such moment and the next moment, never forgetting these things excite the interest of eternal beings whom you always surely have their sympathies and support. This is the true limelight, not the one the world flaunts before our faces—the intense interest of eternal beings—that the world knows nothing of. The universe also has laws put in place to ensure things are able to be done in a certain way and situations can be improved when self-denial, self-abasement, pain or even humiliation is involved. The motivation that achieves the salvational effect in our hearts and in our world is love; love for God, His Creation, His creatures. Otherwise, it all falls apart until God’s judgement kicks in; and even now judgement has begun.

• Thinking eternity is living by faith; not exciting our fears by thoughts that get in the way of our little or much progress. With God, little is much and much is little. We live with eternity in our minds to be at peace and have joy in our hearts, even a smile that melts sinful hearts. This is comparable to the work of angels. It is more serious in our age because we have more “ease”, selfishness, and distractions, and the missing of the point of life, than those in older times, that we need more information about our roots and thankfully having them in the Bible and in the Spirit of Prophecy. Our Joy is in that Jesus promises that though we face tribulations, He has overcome and we have joy as we overcome in His name, having patience and experience and hope. Our Joy also is in that we have Jesus preparing a place for us where the conditions are not against us but for us for the lack of the Enemy. Everything about us was built for this, to obey this law of the universe (the Moral Law also revealing this), but sin has marred that and our joy has now become a yoke and our delight a burden, which often when we take upon ourselves, we find peace for our inmost souls which passes all understanding and reveal the image of God which the world does not have and cannot give.

• Surely for the Christian, in this eternal yet certain journey of self-discovery, as certain as the human system and life itself, there will be deserts, rain forests, seas, and mountains and valleys, and there would be lots of beautiful scenery as well; all in its right measure as his life’s work may require for God’s glory and his soul salvation. To learn, we must have experienced (principles & practice) for at least 31/2 years based on Christ’s training of the disciples. During those times of learning and deeper experience afterwards, Christ’s perfect life is our peace and satisfaction and motivation and we can share it while we show it doing what we already can and reaching out for the greatest fulfillment of purpose equal to our gifts, privileges, providences and sacrifices.

• Drive safely soul brother or sister through life’s journey into the eternal which every day is the reminder of; find purpose, little or much that keeps you in this journey of faith, communion, and companionship with the eternal purposes of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; eternal beings alongside angels interested in your humble, yet, universal service here below until you see them face to face. Life is a car that needs a balance of work and rest to be preserved; and as you travel (live) daily, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit travel (live) with you. Your faith in them would ever be your daily license to drive this car and your insurance when accidents occur; your communion with them will assure you of their responsibility for your life; and your companionship with them ensures that you have the guidance you need for living. They remain your eternal friends on this journey but you must remember there are others on this journey as well and you must be of every help and use their every help. Be still soul brother or sister and trust in the eternal God and build your Noah’s ark—your life—nail after nail, though it takes 120 years for righteousness to be vindicated, is the summary of these inspired thoughts.

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