||Jesus Christ was known for beautiful parables. Under His inspiration, I intend to use this new parable to illustrate a great danger prevalent in Christendom and the world today.||

A MASTER, WHILE ON EXILE, INFORMED HIS SERVANTS TO WHOM HE HAD COMMITTED the care of his houses to paint their houses in white. He warned them that he was coming back soon and only those whose houses were painted in white were those he would take to the wonderful kingdom from which he would come. The servants laughed, knowing that they only needed to purchase white paint in order to get their house painted and be ready for their master’s coming. Some got thirty containers of white paint, some forty, some fifty.

But while they waited for their master’s coming, dust and dirt settled on their houses so that the white turned into brown. Again, they purchased more white paint, but time and again, their houses turned into brown. Soon, they all became frustrated and gave up. One day, a man came and knocked on their doors, telling them that he was the son of their master. He also told them that their master had seen their struggles and had sent him to help them out. He brought out a small tin of red paint and offered it to them, saying if they used it in painting their house, it would become as white as snow, and it would never turn brown again.

Some of the servants mocked him and said their master had no son. Some laughed him to scorn, saying even the dumbest man on earth knew a red paint would paint a house red. Some snorted, saying even if by some magic it worked, it was so small it would never be enough. Some believed his words and received the red paint from him by faith, only to toss it under their beds after he had left. Only a few of them believed him and made use of the red paint. Those who believed him and made use of the red paint were surprised by the result. They only needed to start painting, and soon, their houses were covered in the purest white ever known. Months passed, and their houses remained as white as ever.

Seeing the result, they went about informing the other servants, telling them about their experience and offering them the remainder of their red paints. But again, they all laughed them to scorn, saying they would need to see by themselves to be sure that their declarations were true. Unfortunately, every time they wanted to go and see, they were caught up in one activity or the other so that they never had the time until their master came back. When their master arrived, as much as he wanted to take all of them to his wonderful kingdom, he found only the few that met his criteria of a white house worthy.

They were worthy not just because their houses were white, but because they had believed in his son and they had worked out their salvation with fear and trembling.

The others perished for their lack of faith, but the most unfortunate ones were those who had believed but did nothing with it. They had faith by receiving the red paint, but did nothing with it.

||The purpose of this parable is to show that faith without works is dead and works without faith is a heap of rags. The representations found in this parable will be defined in an upcoming post.||

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