My Quotes

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A life without God is a song without melody
When men forget who they are, they become ordinary animals.
We must ignore the condition of the road to get to our destination.
God is love, so He is patient.
Those who believe in evolution contradict themselves by the simple fact that they are creators.
The state of our minds is a reflection of our endeavours.
To act wisely is to ponder on the fruits of foolishness.
Often, the disappointments of life are appointments in disguise.
Faith gives wings to our dreams; hope keeps them in flight; courage takes them to their destination. We are to ensure all these things happen.
Great men are not those who have the world under their feet, but those who have the world at heart.
Storms are for calming.
It is not the duty of man to lead. Man’s duty is to serve. Leading is a responsibility that comes with serving.
To be concerned is natural. To continue to worry is a choice.
Your analysis of a matter is often excellent until you look further.
A life without challenges is the pinnacle of boredom.
Attractive is not beautiful.
Life with God is not a bed of roses, but a bed of reassurances
Opinions are bastards; they are everybody’s children.
The ultimate test of a man is more in the sin and less in the repentance, but this is not the ultimate fate of a man. The ultimate fate of a man is more in the repentance and less in the sin.
To pursue our dreams, we must first learn to wake up from our slumbers.
We must first live the exemplary life we hope to help others attain.
Long journeys are surprisingly short!
In order to live, we must first make sense of life.
A song is worth a thousand emotions.
Short-sightedness is a chronic disease. People need to be able to see farther than their present.
Pride is a death sentence we give ourselves.
It is easier to sing I surrender all than to drink akamu.
There is peace at sunset. But sunset at peace is better. When we make peace with our problems, the sun has already set. Another day begins more quickly.
In the battle over our souls, God needs peace to work; Satan needs fear.
It is written, no one is beautiful. Everyone is ugly.
In the questions of life, giving up on God is never the answer.
Life wasn’t meant to be easy. Life was meant to be lived.
Once upon a time, man was soil. Then God breathed into man the breath of life, and he became a living soul. Then man breathed into himself the breath of pride, and he became a living pedestal.
Worry sentences peace to death.
Keep reading; the Bible is not a verse or a chapter.
Trusting in God is a choice; not an option.
There is a heartwarming coherence throughout the Bible for the willing, sincere, and studious Christian.
Don’t just be different. Be different in the Lord. Be yourself, but only in the Lord.
The greatest benefit of being alive is the chance one has to change one’s ways.
When we take a closer look at the Bible, we will see clearly that while God’s love in saving us is unconditional, there is some condition after all to be saved; but the condition never lies with God or in how worthy or righteous we are, but in how willing we are to be saved.
Happiness is not a factor of how much wealth we have, but how much of God we have.
When you dream, make sure you dream with your eyes open. Those who dream with their eyes closed often lose track of the where, the what, the when, and the how of their dreams.
Pray the Lord of the Harvest to give you strength as only He can give, to live a life as only He can live.
It is true that God is more interested in what He wants to do in us than in what He wants to do for us. If the first is settled, only then can we be faithful with the second.
God does not withhold anything from us that will steer us towards eternity. If it tarries, it will surely come. If He withholds anything from us, it is that which will surely destroy us.
Until we come to a point where we would rather sacrifice self than disobey God, we cannot truly be ready for eternity.
Satan gives you an awkward situation and makes it look perfect. God gives you a perfect situation.
Many will fail the examination of eternity for convincing themselves that the standards of God were lowered when Jesus Christ died on the Cross.
There is a classic mistake men make; some less, some more—and that is desiring to live a life of worldly security and wasting the glorious opportunities that life offers to live for eternity.
In Jesus, I found all I needed for life and for eternity.
Our words are like bee stings; the pain always linger, long after we have bitten.
Great evils are committed in the world because people don’t ask for themselves to know for themselves.
There is an element of pride in worrying called “why me?”
All make a decision. Few make a stand.
The Great Physician’s laboratory is the Bible.
Life is a teacher eager to begin classes.
Things happen for a reason; some we know, some we don’t. There’s someone who knows all reasons, as well as the reason He does not allow us to know some reasons. Trust in Him for no reason and He will be all the reason that you will ever need.
As long as there is life, there will be trials and overcoming for the faithful Christian. He must understand the importance of trials to his obedience and the significance of overcoming to his peace. And he must not let the joy of overcoming make him forget the necessity of trials and the reality of both.
I live with man, speak with man and listen to man, and I wonder what man will do without Jesus.
Speak only when your speech is golden than silence.
Though the gift of salvation is free, it comes with great responsibility. Many are they who are not humble enough to accept this gift. Some are humble enough to accept it but they are not wise enough to preserve it.
Many times in the Bible, Jesus is called the Good Shepherd. He says in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”. Can the sheep lead the Shepherd? Can the Shepherd lead the sheep where there is no pasture?
The Christian life is experiential, never theoretical. That is why it is called the Christian experience and those who stick to a theory of the truth deny themselves this priceless experience.
Time is a tool God uses to reveal His purposes.
The Bible is a book of accurate events that occurred and will occur in the plan of salvation.
God does not give us less than we deserve and He does not give us more than we can manage and these two are always for our happiness.