Today is day #4 of my 7-day virtual book tour for “The Believer’s Dilemma: Questions that beg for answers”. Due to the purpose of the book, which is to lead people from all religious backgrounds and Christians from all denominations to the unmistakable truths of the Gospel and to provide liberating answers to many of the controversies therein, I will continue my tour at the Facebook Church Group D which is made up of 22,559 members and is a leading Pentecostal denomination both in historical and modern times.

In today’s post, I share with you the topic, “Beyond the Trinity Mystery: Why You Can Trust the Doctrine of the Trinity”. You will find that this is based on a number of chapters in the book “The Believer’s Dilemma: Questions that beg for answers”, which is the subject of this book tour.

Do you know that the doctrine of the Trinity is a major cause of concern for those who would like to become Christians, but think it is a foolish concept of God? Have you ever wondered if there was some genuine explanation for the doctrine of the Trinity? Come on over and find out from the article at and share your thoughts!

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