Are you in a religious dilemma or you wish not to be? Thousands of religions and religious leaders today are professing to show men the way to God and many are lost in the sea of confusion called religion. In eleven comprehensive chapters, “The Believer’s Dilemma: Questions that beg for answers” provides satisfactory answers from the Bible to many of your deep-seated questions such as: “Can the Bible really be understood?” “How can I be saved?” “What is the role of faith and works in our salvation?” “Can we really understand the doctrine of the Trinity?” “What is heaven like?” “How can a God of love be so wicked?” “Who is Jesus Christ?” “What is the place of the Ten Commandments in the New Covenant?” “How will God judge the world?” “How will the rapture take place?” “What is the time of trouble and when?” “Who is really the Antichrist?” and much more. (Available in print and electronic versions).

The above is my latest book and a book that reflects some of my spiritual views today. My other books, written at a much earlier time, are novels and a contribution to children’s literature published traditionally by indigenous publishers. You may reach the publishers on their telephone lines (LASSWELL BOOKS SERVICES, IBADAN, NIGERIA: +2348035652506 and APEX PUBLISHERS, LAGOS, NIGERIA: +2348055105337) if you wish to have a copy of them. But note that while those books teach great lessons in themselves, they do not reflect my spiritual views today.